Sunday, December 9, 2007

Big Thoughts About Little Drawings: Regular Price

Long ago I worked at an art supply store where everything was on sale, all the time. Every time we put any new merchandise out, we stuck 10% off stickers on everything. We did this every month of the year, every day of the week. There were no "sales."
The idea was to convince people that the picture frames and photo albums and stuff were discounted from some mythical, lurking, terrible "regular" price.
I think it worked pretty well. They sold a lot of picture frames and photo albums and stuff.
Anyway, good luck with your shopping this holiday season. And remember, something is a good price if it means that you'll have money left over after you buy it. Or, after you get up at 4 am and stand in line to buy it. Or whatever crazy stuff you're planning to do.

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