Sunday, December 2, 2007

Big Thoughts About Little Drawings: Put Your Arm Down.

I've noticed something weird: Whenever I'm walking down the street in some busy urban setting, there are tons of people walking around with phones up to their ears.
That's not weird.
What's weird is, the vast majority of the time, none of them seem to be saying anything. Now, either we're a nation of just amazing listeners (not), or there's something else going on.
Seriously. Even when I walk past a person who I've been observing for, say, the better part of a block, often I will not hear that person utter a single word into their phone.
Which makes me think, are we all just walking around holding up our phones because it makes us feel secure? Or keeps derelicts from coming up and accosting us on the street? Let's face it: holding up your phone sends the message, "I'm not really here and I'm not paying attention to you. I've got something better to pay attention to."
But next time you're out, watch the Phone People. Lots of them aren't saying anything.
Maybe soon I'll get up the gumption to start asking people what they're doing. Listening to immensely long voicemails? Being controlled by alien voice commands? Unable to lower their arms? Hoping someone will call? Who knows.

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