Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Big Thoughts About Little Drawings: Ha Ha Haaa!!

Recently a company notified me that there had been a security breach and names and passwords had been stolen for all of their customers. So they suggested that we all go out and change our passwords on everything we've ever done on the Internet in our whole life. Neat.
So I went out and mucked around with all my passwords - the ones that I know I have, anyway, and now I'm pretty confused. Confused, but secure, darnit! Even from myself.
A while back, I had a credit card number get stolen. I knew this because all of a sudden my statement showed up with charges for all these toll roads. In Spain.
My first thought was, I'd kinda like to be driving on a toll road in Spain. I've gotta do that sometime. I was kind of envious of whoever this person was, flitting about Spain doing crimes with people's credit card numbers.
Anyway, on another random note, watch this video if you've ever sat through a PowerPoint presentation. It's worth it. The question/answer part at the end is the best.

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