Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Big Thoughts About Little Drawings: Stop It!

Some years ago I was in this meeting with this perfectly nice lady, and about halfway through she took off her glasses and proceeded to lick them clean.
Someone I know just had the exact same experience in a meeting this week.
So I've got to do this for public service purposes... if you are one of those people who licks your glasses clean in meetings, stop. Cease. Put your tongue away. Put your glasses away. Keep those things apart. Please.
This is one of the major reasons I continued cartooning through all my years in corporate crazy-land: moments like this. I mean, you can at least hope that one of those lens-lickers out there will see the cartoon and maybe think, "Hey, that's gross. I think I won't do that any more." If I can reform just one of these people, I will have done my job.

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