Saturday, November 10, 2007

Big Thoughts About Little Drawings: Angry Legos

This cartoon warms my heart - first, because we are a total Lego household. We just got the big castle with the attacking skeleton-guys and the really cool dragon.
Secondly, this was my 1,000th cartoon. That was a while ago, since by now I've inked over 1,500, but that was a pretty cool milestone.
I'm kind of superstitious about what cartoons or what topics end up as what number of cartoon. Well, maybe not superstitious, but I do kind of make note and think about it. So I thought it was kind of nice that number 1,000 was about Legos. Angry Legos, Legos without beer, but Legos nonetheless.
We're off to run around in the redwoods for a couple of days... see you after Veterans Day!

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