Friday, October 12, 2007

Big Thoughts About Little Drawings: Og Meat!!

I often wonder what goes on just outside of what you see - under the surface, before the cameras roll, after everybody leaves...

First, of all, let me make clear that I love the fact that people go to sporting events covered in paint and wigs and stuff. Love it.

But it does make me wonder - do these outfits hang quietly in the closet all week, kind of like the suit in the Bat Cave? Waiting for the right moment on Saturday when it's time to put on the clown nose and the wig and write all over your torso?

And, do these people take on different personas when they don the colors of their team? Like, does the mild-mannered accountant turn into a crazed yelling arm waving maniac, only to put his alter ego back on the hanger behind the door after the game?

And, do you have to stay in character all the way out to your car after the game is over?

Anyway, I just love the whole process. If you know somebody who faithfully paints their face very weekend, tell me about em. It's a great thing.

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