Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Big Thoughts About Little Drawings: You Know You Want To.

This one is about one of those things we all wish we could do, but if we did the consequences just wouldn't quiiiite be worth it.
Kind of like all those things you wish you'd said to the rude person on the train or your pushy relative...
In this case, you'd probably be faced with some really irritated waitstaff and a nice cleaning bill.
But, when you're at a restaurant with a lazy Susan, isn't it tempting to just spin the thing a little faster -- and a little faster -- to see when stuff starts to slide off?
That said, a lazy Susan is also a great thing to use when you want to make a zoetrope. A zoetrope is a tool for viewing simple movies or animations. It's a cylinder with slits in it - you put a strip with a series of pictures inside it, and then spin it while looking through the slits. I made a zoetrope for the kids I teach last week and we've been animating all sorts of stuff - blobs, robots, butterflies -- and yes, they like to see just how fast they can spin the thing.

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