Saturday, September 29, 2007

Big Thoughts About Little Drawings: Ew.

So, long ago there was a whole lot more oxygen in the atmosphere, and this enabled the Earth to support Very Very Large Bugs.
We had not come along and invented windshields yet, but wow, just imagine if we had.
Bug guts are nasty enough in the little tiny quantities that we have currently. But back then, a bug mishap would have required a cleanup crew.
And, I imagine that Pterodactyls learned really quickly not to fly with their mouths open. Unless they were really hungry. But even then colliding with a several-foot-wingspan dragonfly would be sort of like being whacked in the face with a London Broil.
So, I did this one while considering how those on the ground might cope with so many bug guts in the air over their heads.

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