Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Big Thoughts About Little Drawings 1

Note: I'm going to use this blog to go into more detail about how my cartoons came to be... and how much goes into one little panel. Single panels are challenging because they are essentially a one-frame movie; they have to have a setup, a payoff, a main character, and sometimes a villain.

This cartoon is about scanning the newspaper before we pick it up - a trick I think we use in a lot of situations, not necessarily just with the news -- like, how often do you turn on a sporting event and figure out what is going on just by the crowd noise? I bet you can tell who's winning and losing without seeing the score.

With this one I needed to show how this harmless little thing lying on the ground can have such a huge effect on us. So she's sneaking up on it like it's got teeth or something.

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