Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Jason Brooks

Jason Brooks - famous vector illustrator
vector girl
Jason Brooks is a highly established and recognised illustrator especially within the fashion industry. His impressive and distinct style has brought him commissions from major advertising agencies, record companies, a wide range of design agencies and editorial work.
If you know of Hed Kandi record label, then you most certainly know the artwork that is so characteristic for it; trendy beautiful female clubbers drafted in delicate lines and soothing colors. Jason Brooks is the man behind the art on Hed Kandi’s compilations CD’s

Jason Brooks Jason Brooks
Jason Brooks girl Jason Brooks vector girl
Jason Brooks Hed Kandi Jason Brooks
Jason Brooks
Jason Brooks art
Jason Brooks vector art

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Marco Allard

Marco Allard online - illustrator, sketches and color painting
pin up cartoon girls
Marco Allard Marco Allard
Marco Allard art Marco Allard art
Marco Allard pics

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