Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Mike James

Mike James is known for his unique and unmatched style of pin up art. He has created not only the world's finest girl kits, but his graphite drawings, color digital art and even cartoon animation all carry his signature style of crazy/ buff bodies, sweet faces and playful attitude.
This is a "MUST SEE" online art porfolio - amazing pin up arts!

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Adam Hughes

Adam Hughes - comic book artist known mostly for his drawings of women and for his cover work on titles such as Wonder Woman.
Very few people draw women better than Adam Hughes.
comic girl Wonder Woman
Primarily known as a 'good girl' artist, Adam Hughes has worked on a myriad of books. Some of Adam's credits include the Justice League, Legionnaires, Star Trek, Ghost and Gen 13 as well as doing countless covers and pin-ups for just about every comic company

Adam Hughes art
Adam Hughes Adam Hughes
Adam Hughes Adam Hughes
Adam Hughes Adam Hughes girl art
Adam Hughes art

External links:

  • Adam Hughes's Official Website
  • Adam Hughes on Comic Art Community - 1562 images!!!
  • Adam Hughes on deviantART
  • Rion Vernon

    Rion Vernon - Amazing Pin Up Cartoon Girls
    cartoon girl
    Vernon's style is one of the most cartoon-like here, but there's no question he does Pin Up. His style blends classic cartoons with a modern sense of style, and he obviously has a crush on Jessica Rabbit

    cartoon pin up cartoon pin up Rion Vernon cartoon pin up cartoon pin up cartoon pin up Rion Vernon Rion Vernon

    More Info And Pics:

    • Rion Vernon's Pin-Up Toons - Official Website. 4 galleries - skethes (50+ pics), digital art (100+ pics), pencil & ink (32 pics). Small images, watermark

    Bruce Timm

    Bruce Timm - comic book designer
    Bruce Timm Comic Girl
    Bruce Timm best known for working on cartoons, especially Batman: the Animated Series, his dream was illustrating a comicbook. He won the Eisner Award in 1994, for the Best Single Story, Mad Love, for Batman Adventures series. He created Mad Love with Paul Dini, who gave him the concept of Harley Quinn's character.
    Timm has worked on the Avengers and Vampirella

    Bruce Timm comic girl comic girl
    Bruce Timm Bruce Timm
    comic girl comic girl
    vampirella vampirella

    External links:

    Andrew Bawidamann

    Andrew Bawidamann - graphic designer and a freelance pin up artist.
    Vector pin up, military pin up, retro style pin up art.
    pin up cartoon

    Andrew Bawidamann Pin Up Andrew Bawidamann Pin Up Andrew Bawidamann Pin Up Andrew Bawidamann Pin Up

    External links:

    Karolina Szafran (karincoma)

    Karolina Szafran (karincoma) - Illustrator
    girl art
    Karolina Szafran (karincoma) Karolina Szafran (karincoma)
    Karolina Szafran (karincoma) karincoma
    Karolina Szafran

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