Sunday, August 13, 2006

Paige Puller

Paige Puller - Illustrator
pin up cartoon girl

Paige Puller art Paige Puller

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Anjin Design

Anjin - illustrator, modern pin up girls
pin up cartoon girls
Known for digital paintings with strong colors and striking textures, Anjin has been active in the internet art scene for over three years. Anjin considers digital painting the new frontier in the rapidly evolving world of art. He prefers the digital medium to traditional materials because the computer’s "palette" offers an almost incomprehensible freedom for experimentation. Indeed, the digital medium allows Anjin to explore the boundaries of his imagination in a way that other materials simply could not hope to allow. Moving back and forth from a sophisticated painterly style to a vibrant and clean comic-inspired approach, Anjin seeks to create art that does not call attention to its digital origin. Evoking the spirit of the "pin-up girl" and classic portraiture, Anjin’s work offers digital age takes on familiar subject matter

Anjin Design Anjin art
modern pin up modern pin up

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